7 Fascinating Facts About Sleep You Should Know

Sleep is an interesting concept. We want to keep going but our bodies tell us to stop. We need to refuel and start fresh after a well-rested sleep. Too little sleep and we literally crash. Too much sleep and we still feel fatigued. It’s that perfect amount of sleep that matters. If you’re curious about sleep, here are some fun facts that will fancy your interest.

Humans Are The Only Mammals That Delay Sleep

When animals want to sleep, they do. They don’t have bosses demanding work be done. They don’t have kids that have to run to ballet, soccer or an over-night sleepover. Animals don’t have worry or anxiety. We’re a unique species in that we’re unlike any other mammal on earth. All other animals take care of themselves without a second thought—so why don’t we? Why don’t we get into bed on time and sleep until our alarm goes off? It’s quite simple; we have interferences. We have too many electronic devices, too much noise, too much light, too many pets in our bed and so forth. Once you rid your sleep environment of these interferences, you can be guaranteed that you’ll get a better night sleep.

100,000 Car Crashes Per Year Are Caused By Drowsy Drivers

In 2005, nearly 168 million people admitted to operating a motor vehicle while they were drowsy. Of these individuals, nearly 103 million people have fallen asleep while they were driving! Unfortunately law enforcement can’t test for drowsiness when an accident occurs, but they can blame the accident on too much stress or fatigue. Adults that have children are more likely to drive drowsy than those without kids. Also, people ages 18-29 are likely to have fatigue-related crashes. If you’re too exhausted, don’t get behind the wheel. You could end up in jail or be fined.

drowsy driver

Man sitting in traffic

Naps Actually Work To Make You Smarter

The occasional nap has the power to improve your cardiovascular health. You’re more likely to die of heart disease or stroke if you take regular naps. Likewise, those that nap have a reduced stress level and improved cognition. They are able to focus and concentrate much better. Their memories are more solid and concrete. Furthermore, these individuals find themselves being more productive throughout the day. They are not fatigued so they feel like being active throughout the day.

We Are Paralyzed As We Sleep

During REM sleep, the cycle of sleep of which we dream, our bodies cannot move. Your body is protecting you from acting out your dreams. You may be dreaming of giving an ex a well-deserved knuckle sandwich or scoring a goal and the whole team cheering, but acting these out could cause injury to you or your partner. Of course being paralyzed is temporary. It lasts as long as the dream and then it is lifted.

Your Brain Cleans House

We literally have thousands of thoughts each day. Some are conscious to us while others are unconscious thoughts. We see just as many new faces each day. We don’t focus on each one, but our brain registers it. When we sleep, our brain goes to work. It makes important information more concrete, while sending the more useless information to the recycling bin. It clears away any toxins that may be triggers to Alzheimer’s disease. This may be one reason we dream. The brain is so busy working that we may be seeing the brain while it is at work.

Dreams About Flying Are Not About Flying

In fact, these dreams may be something much deeper. Many of these dreams indicate that you’re not able to keep up with someone/thing. That may be acting as a roadblock for you to achieve your goals. Is there a person standing in your way of achieving something? Being afraid to fly simply translates to you being too intimated. It means that you can’t stand up to the high goals of which you laid out for yourself. You lack confidence to get where you need to be. And, to change it, you need to a deeper look at your life. Consider what changes have to be made in order to turn your life around.

flying in dream

​12% Of People Dream Entirely In black And White

It’s hard to imagine that people would dream without color, but this type of dreaming streams from a person’s exposure to movies and television. If you grew up with color television and have never seen a black & white movies, you’re going to dream in color. Yet, if you grew up with black and white television and films, your mind would not be familiar with anything else. Generally those that dream in black and white are 55 years old or older, while those who dream in color are the younger generations. Sleep is an interesting concept; there’s not much black and white to it!

James Montgomery

Hi, my name is James Mongomery. I work as a social worker in a high school and burn the midnight oil working on Soundful Sleep, a site that helps people sleep better. I take pride in the fact that I provide only the most useful tips and information without the fluff. My only objective is to help others get an amazing nights sleep to bring them peace of mind.

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