What Are The Best Feather Pillows For A Heavenly Sleep

What could be better than having something to really sink your head into after a long day? It is important to find the best feather pillow that is just right for you. Characteristics such as softness, fluffiness, and overall comfortability play vital roles in deciding which pillow best suits your head. Resting your head on the most luxurious feathers available ensures a sound night’s sleep. To be the best feather pillow, it must be full and large enough to provide proper support. Even if you are an insomniac, having the nicest pillow will provide you with a new level of comfort that you have never experienced before.

Our latest feather pillow review list below will change your life.

Best Feather Pillows Candidate List

All Goose Down Feather Pillow- Down and Feather Co.

All Goose Down Feather Pillow

One of top rated feather pillows in the market. Their high quality, medium-sized pillow received impeccable reviews right along with their incredible customer service. Finding the proper pillow company is almost as important as finding the perfect pillow. A company with a good reputation for product and service is a major aspect in finding the right pillow. Given the fact that pillows should be replaced regularly, a company with a decent reputation is important in the overall process.

For example, Down and Feather Co. invites their customers to utilize their, “Perfect Pillow Policy”. This policy allows you free pillow adjustments for one year after your purchase. This All Goose Down pillow is on the higher end of the price range but well worth it if you can afford it. The price you pay for a top-rated feather pillow as well as access to Down and Feather Co.’s “Perfect Pillow Policy”, which ensures full customer satisfaction seems like a small price to pay!

Puredown Quilted White Goose Feather Down Pillow

Puredown Quilted White Goose Feather Down Pillow

​Puredown’s quilted white goose feather down pillow is unique as it does not contain any prickly feathers that some of their competitor’s do. These pillows are made with high quality white goose feathers. Its outer shell is a double layered fabric which creates a comfortable surface for your head.

Puredwn’s quilted white goose feather down pillow is quite possibly one of the fluffiest on the market of the best feathered pillows. Puredown’s quilted white goose feather down pillow is priced around $20. You cannot beat that price for one of the best feather pillows which is made with double layered fabric.

Balichun Bedding Down & Feather pillow

Balichun Bedding Down & Feather pillow

Balichun has created a down alternative bed pillow that is 100% goose down. Not only that, but it is also 100% goose feather. Balichun combines the world of feathers pillows and the luxuriousness of down into one cohesive, comfortable pillow. As a larger and thicker pillow compared to its competitors, this pillow provides the sleeper the proper softness as well as support necessary for sleeping. There is no need to fuss over the pillow flattening out during your slumber.

The largeness of this pillow ensures that it will not flatten as you sleep while simultaneously prevent it from feeling as though it is a brick or plank of wood. The use of multiple pillows is also a no-go. Balichun’s down pillow is perfect and can be used without the assistance of backup pillows. Optimal comfort is guaranteed for not just those who sleep on their stomachs or backs, but also those who sleep on their sides. Side sleepers will appreciate that they do not have to miss out on the comfort with this think and giant pillow. This is just the third option on the list of best feather pillows. We still have two more to go! This pillow in particular, created by Balichun, is priced very affordably.

Better Down White Goose Feather and Down Pillow

Better Down White Goose Feather and Down Pillow

Another company that uses down and feather to create feather pillows is Betterdown. Betterdown creates pillows that are both soft and supportive. The trickiness behind creating soft pillows is that they often times have too little as you’re sleeping. This results in your head sinking into the bottom of your pillow over the course of the night. Down pillows are notorious for this issue. The feather and down combination allows your head to sink into the pillow up to a certain point, allowing the maximum level of comfort.

Thus, preventing your head from falling completely flat. Stiff necks are now a bitter memory! This pillow is also decently large and works wonders for people who sleep on their sides. Betterdown’s combination feather and down pillow is priced around $50.

Royal Luxure’s Premium Feather And Down Blend Bed Pillow

Royal Luxure’s Premium Feather And Down Blend Bed Pillow

Royal Luxure’s premium feather and down blend bed pillow is sure to please with its full shape. This pillow remains entirely full and also shapely throughout the night. The best feather pillows are equipped with a full shape and also the ability to maintain it. Royal Luxure went a step further with their wonderfully soft pillow cover. Pillows of this sort are typically already soft however, the additional layer of cotton this pillow in particular has makes it that much more comfy than it already is.

This pillow is recommended to all and especially those with a history of neck problems. Victims of neck problems will find great relief when using Royal Luxure’s feather and down pillow. You are certain to wake up pain free! Royal Luxure’s creation of the premium feather and down blend bed pillow is priced at approximately $56.


Out of the five feather pillow reviews listed above, surely there is one that is perfect for you! Beating feather pillows is a difficult task when it comes to comfort and softness. Pillow companies prioritize luxury and restfulness when creating these pillows. It is easy to find the epitome of rest and relaxation in a good, comfy and fluffy pillow. Traditional feather pillows may be the route for some. Others may decide to purchase a down and feather combination pillow.

Either of the choices will ensure comfort throughout the night, especially for those with neck pains. Down and feather pillows will provide the support you need and comfort you’ve always wanted. Firmness is one of the key factors in the search for the best feather pillow. Comfortability is also a key factor. Whichever option you choose, traditional or feather and down, rest easy knowing that you have now upgraded into the luxurious life with the best feather pillow you could possibly find.

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