Best Mattress For Sex (Improve Your Sex Life)

Have you ever wondered what the best mattress to have sex on is? Well, this guide is about to go over all the main criteria that will make a mattress good or bad for sex. You may not think some of the criteria applies to you, while others may find them critically important. Then, we’re going to look at a series of mattresses and see how the criteria applies to them. That way, you can find the very best mattress to have sex on.

Top Mattress For Sex Picks

  • Leesa Mattress
  • Brooklyn Bedding Mattress
  • Purple Mattress
  • Wink Bed Matress

Criteria for Rating the Best Sex Mattress

Responsive – The responsive time of a mattress defines how quickly the mattress becomes accustomed to your body while you’re moving on it. If a mattress has a slow response time, it will feel like you’re sinking when you’re having sex on it. That is why you want to have sex on a mattress with a fast response time so it can quickly adjust to the various positions and movements you make on it. That way the surface will feel stable.

Bounce – The bounce determines how the mattress feels while your body compresses it. If there is a good bounce with the mattress, then it should rebound quickly. If it has a bad bounce, the mattress will absorb the compression and not rebound. You need a mattress with a good bounce so you can maintain a consistent sexual rhythm that does not go away.

Noise – You’ve all probably heard squeaky mattresses before. The more sexual movements placed on the mattress, the louder the noises get. That is why you need to get a mattress that doesn’t generate as much noise while two people are having sex on it.

Durability – It is crucial to have a durable mattress for sex. Otherwise, the mattress will break easily from all the sex you’ll have on it. A good mattress with high durability will last for years no matter how much sex you have on it.

Edge Support – There are certain sexual positions which need a strong edge that is stable. If a mattress edge is not strong, then sex will cause it to collapse very easily. Therefore, you need a mattress that can take a lot of pressure and a lot of weight from the two bodies that are having sex on it.

Comfort – And, of course, you need to have a comfortable mattress to have sex on. The last thing you want is to feel pressure points on your body from the mattress because it will reduce the sexual desire that you’re feeling. This will make you want to end the sex early and ultimately ruin what could have been a joyous experience for you and your partner. So, buy a mattress that doesn’t cause these pressure points to be inflicted onto your body.

Best Mattress For Sex Candidates

The list below contains all the best mattresses for having sex on. There may be other good ones out there, but these are my personal favorite.

Leesa Mattress

When it comes to sex and sleeping, the Leesa Mattress is pretty much everyone’s favorite. This mattress will leave a soft pleasant touch on every area of your body that’s pressed against it. You’ll experience great bounce and responsiveness with this mattress, which will only enhance the joy for both you and your partner. The only area that’s not so good is the edge support because it is rather tough. Aside from that, it’s a good choice.

leesa mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress contains 4-inches of latex foam which will give you and your partner some great push back and an awesome bounce. The push back of this mattress in particular will improve the enjoyment that you get from having sex. Its edge support is even better than the average edge support you find on ordinary mattresses. Overall, the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is great for both sleep and sex.

brooklyn bedding mattress

Alexander Hybrid Mattress

This luxurious mattress by Nest Bedding was constructed with a high-end zoned spring coil system with layers of memory foam topped over it. There’s also a thick cover on it that’s quilted. The Alexander Hybrid Mattress has a pleasant mixture of comfort, edge support, and bounce capabilities. The only downside is that you’ll have to shell out about $3500 in stores to purchase one. But if you get a queen-sized version, it’ll only cost $999.

Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress was constructed with a three-layer design made up of gel polymer and foam. However, the uniqueness of the Purple mattress comes from the gel polymer, which is a hyperelastic polymer that’s patented and will create great responsiveness, cooling, and bounce. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and goes great in any room of the house.

Purple Mattress

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress can only be purchased exclusively online. It was constructed with the use of traditional innersprings, even though it is not just any innerspring mattress. Because of its coil-on-coil design, it gives users great durability, bounce, and support. The Saatva mattress even comes with a euro-style pillow that feels soft and comfortable.

WinkBed Mattress

This hybrid mattress was constructed with high-quality foam and a coil-on-coil innerspring system. Due to the innerspring core, you’ll get strong edges and a great bounce with this mattress. The WinkBed mattress is truly luxurious, which is why it is priced at over $3,000 in most retail stores.

WinkBed Mattress

Loom & Leaf Mattress

If you want the most cooling and comfort in your mattress, then get this luxurious foam mattress by Loom and Leaf. Not only will it feel comfortable while having sex on it, but it will stay durable and strong for when these activities get a little rough. Its multiple foam layers give it great responsiveness and bounce as well. Whether you’re a sleeper or a lover, you’ll enjoy the feel of this mattress.

Helix Mattress

Out of all the mattresses that were just listed, this is the only one that can be customized. The Helix mattress can be as great for sex as you want it to be. It all depends on the specifications you make for the mattress. The micro-coils and latex layers of the mattress make it great for responsiveness and bounce.

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