Do’s & Dont’s Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Do you want a good night’s sleep? Of course you do! We all want to energized and productive the next day. If we lacked sleep, we would be like slugs and not get much done at all. A good night’s sleep is in your favor. Go through this article and see what you’re what you’re doing right or, what you need cut out of your nightly routine.

Do's and Don'ts ​

DO Set A Schedule

It’s important to go to bed at the same and wake up at the same time. If you go to bed at 10 p.m., set your alarm for 6 a.m. the next morning. Try to keep this routine day after day, even on those days that you don’t work. Doing this is going to boost your immune system and make your body clock more in-sync. It’s going to help your body get drowsy after a few days and, after about two weeks, you’ll be waking up before that alarm is set to go off. As you sleep, too, you’ll find that you are more well-rested. Your metabolism should be faster and it should be easier to burn fat.

set a schedule

DO Create A Sleeping Environment

Above all else, this should be an electronics-free zone. Plug your phone into a charger that’s in your office. Don’t allow a television or computer into your bedroom. The screens that illuminate from these devices wake us up. Instead, this environment should be cool, dark and quiet. Pull the shades and turn on a fan to help regulate your body temperature. All of these are going to help you sleep deeper and relax better while you are sleeping. If you live in a noisy environment, also consider noise-cancelation headphones or earplugs. These come in handy if you live in a city where sirens or trains are often heard outside your window.

DO The Same Bedtime Ritual Every Night

At 9 p.m., start getting ready for bed. Get into your pajamas and brush your teeth. Take off your makeup and motorize your face. It may help, too, to put lotion on your face, feet and hands. Other rituals may include brushing out your hair or clipping nails that have grown too long. Once you are finished, get under the covers and cozy in bed. Read a good book—a print book—or engage in a hobby, such as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Once the clock strikes 10, it’s lights out. While you may be tempted to stay up later, your body needs the rest and you shouldn’t compromise that.

All right, let’s look at the flip side…

DON’T Use Electronics

This includes e-readers, smart phones and watching television. Stop all use of electronics at least one hour before bedtime. Melatonin in our body is what causes us to become sleepy, yet when we use these devices, it reverses the concept. We become more alert and active. If you find that you can’t give these give these up, however, most experts recommend two things. First, turn down your brightness. This is going to have less impact on you staying up past your bedtime. And, keep these devices at least a foot from your face. This way the melatonin will not be disrupted as much. You’ll find that you still go to bed at a normal time.

DON’T Forget To Journal

It’s important that our minds are free of anxiety and worry as we sleep. If you struggle with this, I encourage you to journal. You’re going to find that getting out the negativity is a stress-reliever. We don’t realize how bad something bothers us until we reflect on it in our own writing. From one writer to another, I offer you this challenge. Try to write every night, but try not to read your current entry for at least one week. Giving yourself this time away will help you reflect in a more positive way when you re-read it. You’ll have a more objective viewpoint of the situation at hand and, throughout the last week, hopefully would have grown some too.

start a journal

DON’T Drink Or Smoke.

It’s often believed that alcohol makes you drowsy and makes it easier to sleep. Yet, truth be told, those that drink alcohol have disruptive REM sleep. They wake up earlier than normal and find it harder to concentrate during the day. Smoking, too, often makes insomnia worse for those that have it. It may make falling asleep harder while you wake up and don’t feel as rested. These two combined are not the way to good sleep.

If you want a restful sleep, get on a routine and stick to it. Create the ideal sleeping environment and you’ll wake up rested the next day. It’s important to make sure that you are healthy.

James Montgomery

Hi, my name is James Mongomery. I work as a social worker in a high school and burn the midnight oil working on Soundful Sleep, a site that helps people sleep better. I take pride in the fact that I provide only the most useful tips and information without the fluff. My only objective is to help others get an amazing nights sleep to bring them peace of mind.

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